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Updates (most recent first)

03/02/13Advance organiser for genes, evolution & behaviour
03/02/13Set of advance organisers for bio-psychology topics
17/11/12Set of advance organisers for explanations & treatments of anxiety
10/11/12Set of advance organisers for perception topics
04/11/12Advance organiser for conformity
04/11/12Advance organiser for obedience
04/11/12Advance organiser for methodological issues in social influence
04/11/12Advance organiser for social facilitation
04/11/12Advance organiser for ethics & social influence
04/03/12Two complete lessons on Psychology & science
25/02/12Complete lesson on cortical localisation
25/02/12Complete lesson on methods for investigating the brain
18/02/12Complete lesson on synapses and synaptic transmission
18/02/12Complete lesson on neurons and neuronal transmission
12/02/12Complete lesson on studying genetic influences
12/02/12Complete lesson on the ANS and fight/flight response
05/02/12Compete lesson on evolution and human behaviour
05/02/12Complete lesson on divisions of the nervous system
29/01/12Complete lesson on drug treatments for OCD
29/01/12Complete Lesson on cognitive treatments for OCD
22/01/12Complete lesson on cognitive theories of OCD
22/01/12Complete lesson on biopsychology and OCD
22/01/12Complete lesson on characteristics of OCD
11/12/11Complete lesson on psychodynamic therapy for phobias
20/11/11Complete lesson on phobia & psychodynamic approach
20/11/11Complete lesson on behavioural treatments for phobia
13/11/11Complete lessons on phobias & behaviourism
15/10/11Early infant abilities studies activity
08/10/11Essay writing guide: explanations of OCD
08/10/11Essay writing guide: factors in defiance
01/10/11Essay writing guide: treatments for phobia
01/10/11Essay writing guide: methodological issues in obedience
24/09/11Essay writing guide: theories of perception
24/09/11Essay writing guide: studies of conformity
17/09/11Essay writing guide: social facilitation/commenting
17/09/11Essay writing guide: depth cues/analysis
27/03/11Skills exercise: analysing experiments in perception
27/03/11Skills exercise: analysing examples in perception
20/03/11Skills exercise: analysing experiments in social influence
20/03/11Skills exercise: analysing situations in social influence
20/03/11Skills exercise: comparing approaches/theories
20/03/11AQA-B PSYB2 revision organisers
13/03/11Activity & complete lesson on the humanistic approach
14/02/11Added a link to Teaching High School Psychology blog
14/02/11Slides on genetics
05/02/11Slides and activities on brain anatomy and cortical localisation
23/01/11Research methods Qs about some interesting new studies of exam performance
16/01/11Questions on sociocultural explanations of schizophrenia
09/01/11Revision activities on nativism & early infant cognitive abilities
09/01/11Slides & activity on psychodynamic theory & anxiety
09/01/11Revision activities on experimental methods/perception
09/01/11Revision activities on gestalt principles
21/11/10Complete lesson on cognitive treatments for anxiety
21/11/10Slides & activities on behaviourst treatments for anxiety
21/11/10Slides on cognitive explanations of anxiety
07/11/10Slides on behaviourism & anxiety disorders & linked analysis activity
17/10/10Two lessons' worth of materials on theories of perception
09/10/10Lesson/slides/activities on perceptual set
03/10/10Lesson/slides/activities on visual (distortion) illusions
26/09/10Lesson/slides/activities on perceptual organisation
18/09/10Lesson/slides/activities on monocular and binocular depth cues
12/09/10Confirmatory bias activities
12/09/10Cognitive introductory lesson materials
05/09/10Social/critical thinking/attributions introductory lesson
09/05/10Approaches to psychology definitions revision activity
09/05/10Debates in psychology definitions revision activity
09/05/10Psychology as science essay skills activity
09/05/10Revision activity on study design (PSYB1)
25/04/10Revision/application/evaluation activity on theories of gender development
25/04/10Activity on designing studies (PSYB4)
28/03/10AQA-B PSYB1 Revision organisers
21/03/10Activity on type 1 and type 2 errors
21/03/10Activities on assessing reliability & validity
14/03/10Article & activity on psychology as a science
28/02/10Slides on probability & significance
28/02/10Article on overt behaviour & private experience
07/02/10More resources on scientific method
31/01/10Slides, article & activity on scientific method
17/01/10Revision/application exercise on social influence
17/01/10Schizophrenia concept cards
17/01/10Mood disorders concept cards
10/01/10Improve your AO2 exercises for forensic/atypical/developmental
10/01/10Revision/application exercise on memory concepts
13/12/09Article on psychological treatments for offending
06/12/09Slides, activities and articles on prison and non-custodial sentencing
29/11/09Materials on learning theories of offending
29/11/09Slides, activities & handouts on Eysenck's criminal personality theory
22/11/09Slides, activity & handout on psychodynamic theories of offending
22/11/09Slides & handout on biological theories of offending (genetics)
22/11/09Slides & handout on physiological theories of offending (Lombroso, Sheldon)
14/11/09Slides, handouts and activities on typological offender profiling
08/11/09Slides, handouts and activities on geographical offender profiling
08/11/09Slides, handout and activity on measuring crime
01/11/09Slides, handout & activity on defining crime
18/10/09Material on information processing approach to cog. dev.
18/10/09Slides, handouts & links on Vygotksy
11/10/09Slides on Piaget & formal operations
04/10/09Slides & activities on autobiographical & types of memory
27/09/09Slides & activities on Piaget & concrete operations
20/09/09Slides & activity on Piaget & egocentrism
13/09/09Material on object permanence (Bower, Baillargeon, Spelke)
05/09/09Slides & activity on reductionism
05/09/09Slides & activities on Piaget's theories
31/08/09Site update complete
25/08/09Site-wide update for the new A2 specifications started
08/05/09Slideshow on content analysis
08/05/09Activity on gender stereotyping & research methods
25/04/09Worksheet on Sperry (1968) for OCR specification
25/04/09Revision sheet on the humanistic approach
25/04/09Revision sheet on the psychodynamic approach
25/04/09Revision sheet on the cognitive approach
25/04/09Revision sheet on behaviourism and SLT
25/04/09Revision sheet on the biological approach
18/04/09Set of revision sheets on gender development
28/03/09Ethical issues activity
22/03/09Qualitative & quantitative data activities
14/03/09Cognitive approach activities
08/03/09Cognitive approach slides
21/02/09Content analysis (gender) slides
21/02/09SLT & choice of model article
07/02/09Social learning theory slides & Bandura activity
31/01/09Operant conditioning slides and activities
24/01/09Classical conditioning slides & activity
24/01/09Action potential animations
17/01/09Gender differences/culture/nature & nurture materials
10/01/09Gender concepts slides & activities
03/01/09Approaches to psychology revision activity
03/01/09EWT & reconstructive memory demonstration
14/12/08Experimental methods exam-style questions
06/12/08Confounding variables slides & activity
06/12/08Quasi experiments slides & activity
30/11/08Experimental designs slides & activity
30/11/08Hypotheses & data analysis materials
22/11/08IV & DV slides & activity
22/11/08Research questions & aims activity
15/11/08Remembering & forgetting topic manipulables
15/11/08Social influence topic manipulables
08/11/08Social psychology studies 'spectacles' activity
08/11/08Cognitive treatments for schizophrenia activity
18/10/08Cognitive explanations of schizophrenia slides
18/10/08Defying authority article/activity
11/10/08Labelling role play cards (schizophrenia/diagnosis
11/10/08F-Scale activity/worksheet (obedience, prejudice)
4/10/08Activity on psychological explanations/treatments for schizophrenia
4/10/08Slides on explanations of obedience
27/09/08Slides on Bruner's cognitive developmental theory
27/09/08Activity on sexual selection
20/09/08Activity on schizophrenia, genes & evaluation skills
20/09/08Slides on schizophrenia, synapses, DA & drugs
13/09/08Slides on Vygotsky's developmental theory
13/09/08PTSD case histories
7/09/08Social cognition/schemas activities
7/09/08Social facilitation lesson plans
29/08/08Social facilitation slides, handouts & activities
29/08/08AQA-B PYSB2 scheme of work & topic sheets
29/08/08AQA-A PSYA1 scheme of work
29/08/08Added new section for new AS specifications resources
11/05/08Social influence bingo - AQA-B version
11/05/08Gender bits - SLT and cognitive
04/05/08More stuff on gender (biological, cognitive, psychodynamic)
27/04/08Slides & activities on gender development
19/04/08OCR key study slides: Raine (1997)
19/04/08OCR key study slides: Gould (1982)
19/04/08Loads of humanistic activities
17/04/08Fixed a problem with one of the stress podcasts
13/04/08Humanistic resource based learning pack
06/04/08AQA-A AS exam questions slides
06/04/08Humanistic psychology slides and handouts
16/03/08Behaviourism ethics evaluation activity
16/03/08Psychodynamic application/analysis activity
09/03/08Slides on freedom & determinism (biological perspective)
09/03/08Multi-purpose perspectives question cards
02/03/08Slides, handouts & activities on mind & body (biological perspective)
24/02/08Handout & activity on assumptions of the biological approach
24/02/08Slides, handout & activity on genes & behaviour
24/02/08Slides about comparing & contrasting perspectives
17/02/08Stats & research methods assessment pack (AQA-B)
03/02/08OCR key study slides - Sperry (1968)
03/02/08Activity on stress/AQA-A key studies/exam Qs
03/02/08Activity on assumptions of models of abnormality
27/01/08OCR key study slides - Dement & Kleitman (1957)
27/01/08OCR key study slides - Rosenhan (1973)
27/01/08Slides and an activity on case studies
27/01/08Updated materials on questionaire design
20/01/08AQA-B coursework design guidance sheets
20/01/08Updated materials on qualitative/quantitative data
20/01/08Updated materials on correlations
13/01/08Materials on ethics & coursework (in research design)
13/01/08Activity on improving AO1/treatments for eating disorders
06/01/08Slides & a group activity on explanations of prejudice
06/01/08Article on culture & prejudice
16/12/07Activity on attitudes & behaviour (LaPiere, 1934)
16/12/07Slides on attitude change
10/12/07Activity on evolution & attraction/relationships
10/12/07Article on bipolar disorder
10/12/07Article on seasonal affective disorder
10/12/07Updated resources on genetic & neurochemical explanations of depression
25/11/07Activities on social and cognitive developmental effects of daycare
25/11/07Slides on treatments for eating disorders (behavioural & cognitive therapies)
18/11/07Slides on attitude measurement: semantic differential & Likert scales
18/11/07Slides on attitude measurement: physiological & projective measures
11/11/07Activities & worksheets on measuring attitudes (placed in social cognition and research methods)
04/11/07Activities/worksheets on structure & function of attitudes
28/10/07Revised & updated some ethics/social influence activities
28/10/07Slides on attitudes (structure & function)
14/10/07Updates to some obedience activities & worksheets
14/10/07Needlessly elaborate animated slides on synapses & antipsychotic drugs
14/10/07Slides on psychological treatments for schizophrenia
14/10/07student summary sheets on treatments for schizophrenia
07/10/07AQA-B activity on OCD & better AO1 in exams
07/10/07Slides on psychological explanations of schizophrenia
07/10/07Updated a load of schizophrenia activities & handouts
30/09/07Slides & activities on obtaining compliance (AQA-B; filed with 'obedience')
30/09/07'Dear Deidre' relationships revision/application activities
23/09/07Exam skills material on describing & evaluating studies
16/06/07Activities on conforming to and resisting majority influence
16/09/07A help sheet on models of abnormality
09/09/07Slides, handouts and an activity on OCD
09/09/07Slides & a handout on PTSD
02/09/07Added links to Jamie Davies' PSYCHblog and Gerard Keegan's psychology site
02/09/07Article & an activity on post-traumatic stress & treatment
02/09/07Slides & a VLE forum activity on group norms and conformity
02/09/07Coursework support materials for AQA-B (but useful for others too)
02/09/07'Evaluation wheel' for AO2 skills
02/09/07Interactive Hot Potatoes quizzes on the Milgram obedience study
02/09/07Updated slides on conformity and a related activity
17/05/07AQA-A revision activities: memory bingo & key studies jeopardy
17/05/07Activities on personality development/Freud (defence mechanisms & fixation)
17/05/07Podcast on the cognitive model of abnormality
17/05/07Podcast on the psychodynamic model of abnormality
13/05/07Revision quizzes for AQA ethics & bias synoptic topics
13/05/07Revision activities for Edexcel synoptic paper
06/05/07Gap fill exercise on the social psychology of experiments
06/05/07Mix & match ethics activity
06/05/07Activity on comparing & contrasting perspectives/approaches
29/04/07Activity on remembering and forgetting
29/04/07AQA-A AS Key Studies revision quizzes (under Revision>>AQA-A)
29/04/07Exam tips for AQA-A module 3 slides (under Revision>>AQA-A)
22/04/07PodCast on the behavioural model of abnormality
22/04/07Experimental stimulus & slides on repression
14/04/07Matching task on psychodynamic ego defence mechanisms
14/04/07Revision matching task on theories of forgetting
14/04/07PodCast on the biomedical model of abnormality
07/04/07Took some time off to build a garden for my bonsai
01/03/07PodCast on eating disorders
01/03/07Slides on schizophrenia (the dopamine hypothesis)
25/03/07PodCast on definitions of abnormality
25/03/07Slides & an activity on family systems & schizophrenia (double binds)
18/03/07PodCast on stress management
18/03/07PodCast on gender & stress
18/03/07Animated slides & a worksheet on depression & learning theory (learned helplessness)
11/03/07Activity on evaluating the psychodynamic model of abnormality
11/03/07Links to some slides on different types of therapy hosted at Michigan State University
04/03/07Activity on electronically mediated relationships
04/03/07Slides & an activity on psychodynamic explanations of phobia
25/02/07Card sort/essay planning activity on biomedical treatments
25/02/07Slides & an activity about eating disorders & the biomedical model
18/02/07PodCast on individual differences in stress (TABP, hardiness, LoC)
11/02/07PodCast on sources of stress (life change, workplace)
11/02/07handouts/activities on teaching & learning theories
11/02/07Slides on stress inoculation training
11/02/07Guide to producing interactive whiteboard resources
4/02/07PodCast on stress & illness
4/02/07Collaborative learning activity (forum) on ethics
4/02/07Slides on prejudice
4/02/07Slides on relationships
28/01/07Starter activity for stress & life events
28/01/07Essay frame for theories of attachment (AQA-A)
28/01/07PodCast on bodily responses to stress
21/01/07Collaborative learning activities on minority influence and obedience
14/01/07Activity on applying/evaluating the physiological view of stress
7/01/07Activity on validity & evaluating psychological studies
7/01/07Slides & an activity on validity in social influence research
17/12/06PodCast on explanations of obedience and resistance
17/12/06PodCast on studies of obedience
17/12/06Slides on research design problems and how to avoid them
10/12/06PodCast on minority influence
10/12/06PodCast on majority influence
10/12/06Research methods bingo revision activity
03/12/06Slides covering cultural variation in adolescence
03/12/06Slides covering researcher effects etc.
26/11/06Activity about interview methods & validity
26/11/06Pretty, but arguably pointless, animation about sampling concepts & methods
19/11/06Web-based research activity on the Milgram obedience studies
19/11/06Video clip of Harlow's attachment research with monkeys
19/11/06Activities on social learning and personality
12/11/06A stress questionnaire
12/11/06A couple of activities about interpreting correlations & scatterplots
5/11/06Attachment revision summary sheet
5/11/06Revised & updated experimental design slides
2/11/06Social influence revision bingo. No, really.
2/11/06Slides on dreaming (research studies)
2/11/06Slides on sleep theories (restoration, ecological)
2/11/06Had a short break whilst I moved house and sorted out new hosting
15/10/06Interactive/IWB resource on sleep, the EEG & sleep cycle
15/10/06Slides on sleep deprivation
8/10/06An activity on gay & lesbian relationships
8/10/06Slides on ethics (social influence) and an activity on resisting obedience
1/10/06Activities/resources on relationships including studies & breakdown
1/10/06Slides on obedience research & internal/external validity (improved)
1/10/06Slides on Psychodynamic basic concepts
24/9/06Worksheets/activities on relationship formation
24/9/06Video clips from the Milgram obedience study
24/9/06Slides on media effects on antisocial behaviour & obedience
17/9/06Demo materials for minority influence & slides on this topic
17/9/06Slides and a discussion activity on aggression
17/9/06Slides on prosocial behaviour, including media influences & x-cultural research
10/9/06Slides on majority influence and altruism & bystander behaviour
10/9/06Video clips of Asch (1951) and Latane & Darley (1968) re-enactments
3/9/06Links to the BPS research digest blog and to Saul McLeod's Simply Psychology site
25/6/06Slides on evolution, sex, personal ads and infidelity
18/6/06Fixed a problem with the file socinf.zip, which was corrupted. Working now.
18/6/06Slides & an activity about fashion & sexual selection
12/6/06Added a link to Amnesty's 'irrepressible.info' campaign
11/6/06Solved an annoying problem with the resources menu
11/6/06Slides and activities on evolution & sexual behaviour
11/6/06Animated slides on evolutionary theory
4/6/06New logo and tabbed menu
13/5/06Planning/topic sheets/learning outcomes for the AQA spec A (under planning>schemes of work)
13/5/06Slides & activities on animal research in psychology
13/5/06Slides on eyewitness testimony
7/5/06Slides on gender bias
6/5/06Slides & activities on repression and flashbulb memories
6/5/06Slides, animations, activities on forgetting in STM & LTM
30/4/06Slides, activities & a demo on models of memory
30/4/06Slides on cultural bias
23/4/06Slides and a demo on STM encoding
21/4/06A load of materials on memory including slides, activities and demos
21/4/06Some slides and an activity on ethics
2/4/06Various bits on the effects of daycare
26/3/06Slides and activities on deprivation and privation
19/3/06Loads of activities covering memory, attachment, stress & abnormality
18/3/06Slides on schizophrenia (clinical characteristics & genetics)
18/3/06Slides & activity on attachment theories
12/3/06More attachment bits: cultural variation mainly
11/3/06IWB starter activity on defining abnormality (SmartBoard)
11/3/06Slides & activities on development of attachment, SSC & x-cultural differences
11/3/06Various materials on the cognitive theory of depression
5/3/06Slides & activities on phobias (biological & learning theories)
5/3/06Slides and activities on psychological explanations of eating disorders
5/3/06A stray activity on attachment theory
5/3/06Slides on cognitive and behavioural models of abnormality
26/2/06Some supplementary materials on phobias
26/2/06Slides and activities on psychodynamic explanations of eating disorders
26/2/06Slides and activities on the psychodynamic model of abnormality
22/2/06Slides and activities on models of abnormality (biomedical)
19/2/06Interactive whiteboard activities on correlations, perspectives & memory
19/2/06Some slides and activities on eating disorder symptoms
5/2/06Loads of activities and other things on definitions of abnormality
5/2/06Coursework support materials (handouts, activities) on inferential stats
5/2/06Slides, activities and handouts on stress management
21/1/06Activities, handouts & slides on gender, personality & stress
21/1/06Slides, activities & links on sources of stress (life change, work)
21/1/06Some coursework support materials (planning procedure/sampling etc.)
15/1/06Activities, handouts & slides on stress/health/illness including cardio & immune
8/1/06Activities, handouts and slides on stress/physiological responses
8/1/06Some bits to help plan coursework (AQA biased)
11/12/05A factsheet/article on adolescence & culture
11/12/05Some statistics odds and ends
27/11/05Slides and activities on adolescent development
27/11/05Slides and activities on gender and personality development
27/11/05Offender profiling activities
27/11/05Research methods bits & pieces
27/11/05Some Edexcel memory tests thta most will find useful
13/11/05A criminological psychology wordsearch
13/11/05Activities on gender development
13/11/05Slides and activities on correlational analysis
13/11/05Some animated slides on circadian disruption
5/11/05Slides and activities on biological rhythms including sleep wake and menstrual
5/11/05A number of behaviourism handouts
5/11/05Some stuff on research methods including some animated slides, activities and Qs
5/11/05Some stuff on biological causes of violent crime that could be used in many contexts
9/10/05Activities/handouts on sleep deprivation and restoration/ecological theories
9/10/05Activities on ethical issues, AQA-A AS based but pretty universal
2/10/05Some handouts on Freudian & Humanistic psychology
2/10/05Some handouts and activities on prosocial media influences/exam skills
1/10/05Activities & slides on internal/external validity & obedience research
25/09/05Materials on media influences research issues/commentary/evaluation
25/09/05Social influence materials on the Zimbardo study and Milgram
25/09/05A handout on AO2 skills and an obedience-based AO2 commentary activity
18/09/05A new section on exam skills and some handouts & self assessment sheets
18/09/05Social influence materials including factors in conformity & minority influence
18/09/05Some materials relating to altruism & bystanders
11/09/05Some activities on conformity studies (Asch, Zimbardo)
11/09/05Some activities on aggression
30/08/05More environmental stuff, including disaster
29/08/05A load of environmental psychology articles/factsheets
28/08/05Link to an online statistical test chooser
28/08/05Added an area for student tracking documents and some tracking spreadsheets
12/08/05Some stress and some attachment activities
12/08/05Some stats & research methods materials
12/08/05Links to an online stats package and the PsychologyStuff website
12/08/05A social influence extension activity
12/08/05Some Freud & dreaming bits
11/08/05More on cultural bias and x-cultural research
11/08/05Some evolutionary bits & pieces on mate choice
11/08/05Some materials on the biomedical model of abnormality & depression
01/08/05Off on my hols. No updates for a week or so
31/08/05Some general stuff on revision strategies
31/08/05An example AQA coursework, reckoned plagiarism proof
31/08/05Notes & activities on sleep and shiftwork/circadian rhythms
31/08/05Couple of bits on aggression & altruism
31/07/05Sleep, dreaming & the brain interactive resource
31/07/05Studies of eating disorders (genetic/bio) & culture and abnormality
31/07/05Stress questionnaires, and some bits on culture and stress
30/07/05Some research methods/coursework materials
30/07/05Some materials on conformity/obedience
30/07/05Added a links page and a site index
28/07/05Added some forums, on a trial basis
27/07/05Some notes/factsheets on treatments and sleep/dreaming/bodily rhythms
27/07/05Ironed out some technical problems and redesigned the logo ;)
26/07/05A couple of interactive memory experiments
26/07/05Some resources on models of abnormality, including interactive ones
25/07/05Some factsheets on descriptive statistics
25/07/05Some AQA-based activities on ethics, SSR and gender/cultural bias
24/07/05Some experimental(!) interactive materials on memory and Freud
23/07/05Materials on memory (AQA based, but widely relevant)
14/07/05Environmental psychology materials on stress & mental illness
03/07/05Some AQA revision materials
03/07/05Some resources on phobias, mood disorders and schizophrenia.

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